What We Stand For

Bickmore is driven by an unwavering commitment to our values.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as the most respected and successful
risk management consulting firm in our industry.

Mission Statement

To strategically and measurably reduce
our clients’ costs of risk.

Integrity, Relationships, Service


  • We conduct our business fairly and ethically with customers and the marketplace
  • We provide the leadership needed to ensure we practice our values
  • We operate our company with unwavering commitment to honesty
  • We ensure fair and equitable treatment of employees


  • We value relationships as fundamental to our business development and personal fulfillment
  • We strive to provide superior communication and rapport with internal and external clients
  • We value others and ourselves as unique human beings deserving of respect
  • We promote familial time and obligations


  • We identify customer expectations and deliver on commitments in a timely, dependable, and creative manner
  • We encourage employees to continue learning to better serve internal and external needs of our clients
  • We strive to develop "new knowledge" to better meet our clients' needs
  • We provide only high quality service to our clients