Jim Elledge, CPA

Director, Regulatory & Financial Services

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Jim Elledge, Director of Regulatory and Financial Services, is a CPA and has been serving state and local agencies and risk pools for fifteen years. Previously the Director of Accounting and Finance at Bickmore, he led a team of professionals performing risk financing, accounting, and treasury management services for self-insured groups.

Jim’s experience with self-insured groups provides a unique perspective to state and local agencies seeking to develop or enhance regulation of the self-insurance industry. He has assisted state agencies with the reengineering of self-insurance oversight, drafting of regulations, performing state-mandated financial examinations, and presentations to advisory groups.

Jim also served as the Controller for the California Self-Insurers’ Security Fund (Fund), where he managed the accounting and financial affairs of the Fund’s operations and was heavily involved in the design, implementation, and management of the Fund’s alternative security program.

Prior to joining Bickmore, Jim was a senior auditor with both KPMG LLP and Gilbert Accountancy Corporation. In that capacity, he provided audit services to self-insured groups, educational agencies, and manufacturing companies.

Jim is a member of the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA) Finance Information Group. He holds a BS in business administration and accounting from California State University, Sacramento.

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Local Governments (Cities, Counties, Special Districts)  /  Universities and Colleges  /  Joints Powers Authorities (Self-Insurance)  /  Self-Insured Groups and Trusts  /  State and Local Governments (Workers’ Compensation Agencies, Departments of Insurance, Cities, Counties, Special Districts)