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Bickmore Health and Benefits Actuarial services focus on public entity compliance with GASB 43/45. Our client offerings include actuarial valuations, analysis of plan design and funding alternatives, funding policy development, labor negotiations support, compliance filings (e.g., CERBT filings), and special consulting projects (e.g., certification of reserves for self-insured health plans).
  • All GASB 43/45 valuations are two-signature reports, reflecting a level of professional review and quality control a one-person firm cannot provide.
  • Analysis is provided on both the funded and unfunded basis, quantifying the financial encouragement GASB provides for funding.
  • Later-year reports provide gain and loss analysis – the best quantitative measurement of the performance of actuarial assumptions.
  • Our staff of four senior actuaries each has over 20 years of consulting actuarial experience with employee benefit programs.

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