More Case Studies
  • For a State Department of Transportation, Bickmore completed a comprehensive cost of risk research study comparing the Department’s data across 17 other states. The study, which identified bottom-line performance levels, is now being used to drive department change efforts and support critical department business decisions.
  • Working with Bickmore risk management consultants and ergonomic specialists, a large West Coast Self Insurance Group lowered its injury frequency claims rate by 50% over a four-year period; received $10M return in equity based on its reduction in ergonomic-related injuries; and received a 30% reduction in rates. Under Bickmore's administrative support, the same SIG grew from 40 members in January 2003 to 270 members five years later—accounting for over $1.3B in annual payroll and $24M in annual estimated contributions. Using education, training, and risk programs—and by fully implementing the SIG’s MPN—the organization realized substantial savings and reduced exposure to risk while increasing continuity of care.
  • Bickmore's pioneering thought leadership, strong administrative capabilities, and expertise helped a leading mutual benefit corporation experience significant growth to 50+ insolvencies with $52M in estimated future liabilities, and $51M in net assets as of June 30, 2005. Bickmore also developed and implemented an alternative security program (ASP) for the self insurers’ security fund that generated approximately $65M in annual revenue over three years, eliminating its deficit.
  • A public housing authority administered by Bickmore was able to lower its frequency in claims and associated costs over a two-year period—returning over $2M to members and reducing rates by over 40%. Some of the authority’s success is attributable to a new state bill’s operational requirements for JPAs and SIGs. However, after taking into account the lower frequency in claims and all associated costs, the authority reports its improved safety culture did – and will continue to – play a significant role in lowering the cost of risk for all member agencies.
  • A large University contracted with Bickmore to provide actuarial services for the system’s workers’ compensation program. In addition to the standard studies, we also provided departmental allocations to five locations and implemented an Early Warning System to enhance location ability to budget. Our risk control team has performed over 16 projects for various locations, including a large risk assessment at one campus and a multi-language survey for another. To date, Bickmore has provided powerful return on investment in regard to technical assistance and direction. In addition, Bickmore has helped the University establish strategic safety priorities based on return on investment, exposure identification and control, risk assessment, loss analysis, ergonomic assessments, and program development.