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CAJPA's 2018 Annual Conference

Jaesa McCulligan, Ric Burwell, and Jennifer Jobe (not pictured), presented on the topic of, “Sixty is the New Twenty – The Multigenerational Workplace in JPAs.” They shared some fascinating notes on each generation, as well as how to keep them happy in their careers. With a packed room including standing attendees in the back, it was tough to get a good shot of the presenters!

CAJPA's 2018 Annual Conference

Playing the ball toss game at our exhibit booth served to be quite an attraction for attendees at the conference. This year you had to earn your bear by attempting the game. The winner walked away with a $150 gift card to REI – and the opportunity to speak with Bickmore staff.

CAJPA's 2018 Annual Conference

Are you seeing double? Jeanette Workman, Rob Kramer, and Michael Harrington stand with their balloon caricatures in the exhibit hall. With more years of service than we can count on (several) hands, this trio has much experience in both our Program Administration and Actuarial Service Practices.

Asia Pacific OHS Training Convention 2018

Terrie Norris, CSP, ARM, CPSI, Manager, Risk Control Services, presenting, “The Multifaceted Interdependent Trends Affecting OHS Training Today.” Her presentation covered the evolving tools available to trainers and the mixed approaches to training amongst generations.

Our Risk Control department includes training in one of their many services. See what else they have to offer: Risk Control.


AGRIP's 2018 Governance & Leadership Conference

Several of our managers participated in AGRIP’s 2018 Governance & Leadership Conference. The conference included several days of educational sessions focused on Pooling and Governance. Bickmore’s David Tweedy presented a session on, “Assessing RMIS Solutions for Your Pool.” A timely session as he just launched the 2017/18 RMIS Review with partner Pat O’Neil. Visit the RMIS page if you have not already downloaded a free copy.

Emerging Insurance Professionals (EIP) Official Kick Off Event 2018

One of Bickmore’s Assistant Program Managers – Jaesa McCulligan, Vice President of Emerging Insurance Professional (EIP), co-organized the EIP 2018 Kick Off Event. The group includes representatives from Bickmore’s Program Administration and Risk Control Departments, as well as Alliant, Liberty Mutual, and California State Association of Counties (CSAC). EIP was recently formed to provide a resource for the younger generation as they mature within their professions. This picture provides a glimpse into the future of our industry!

If you are interested in joining, contact Jaesa McCulligan for more information.

PARMA 2018 Annual Conference

Part of our Litigation Management Team, Joe Costamagna – Senior Consultant, and Will Portello – Director, pose in front of the Bickmore booth at PARMA.

PARMA 2018 Annual Conference

Our “Challenge Wall” activity in the Exhibit Hall at #PARMAConf2018 was a hit! This picture was taken less than an hour after the hall opened. We are excited to find similar obstacles amongst public entities and help to see if we can assist in navigating through some of these challenges.

We had a great line up of speakers this year in addition to our Exhibit Hall presence. Our presenters included:

Mike Harrington, FCAS, MAAA: President, Actuarial Consulting guided the audience through his presentation on, “Cost Allocation 101.”

Tom Kline, ARM, CPSI: Manager, Risk Control Services joined Felicia Gomez and presented, “Customizing Workplace Wellness Programs.”

Terrie Norris, CSP, ARM, CPSI: Manager, Risk Control Services presented, “The Challenge of Making Everything Old New Again.”

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Greg Trout's Retirement Celebration

Rick Taketa, York President and Chief Executive Officer and John Brockschmidt, President of York Pooling, hold on tight to industry leader Greg Trout as he attempts retirement. Greg served 47 years in the risk management industry, 21 of those years with Bickmore. His friendship and leadership will be missed in the office as he takes off to enjoy the next chapter of his life – retirement!

Bickmore Philanthropy

Staff wanted to do a little something extra for the holiday season. We opted to volunteer time at the Sacramento Children’s Home, a local non-profit organization which has helped families in need since 1867. Pictured here is a small group of our volunteers that assisted with the collection of donations. We were blown away at the generosity of the community, it was so great to see the amount of gifts provided for children of all ages as well as their parents! Being able to witness the magnitude of giving, as well as meet some of the recipients, brought much cheer into the season for many Bickies.

RiskConnect Annual Conference

Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS) expert, Dave Tweedy, delivered a presentation at the Riskconnect Annual User Conference in November 2017.  His keynote presentation on technology wowed the audience almost as much as his red power tie. Dave is getting ready to release the newest RMIS Report, be sure to regularly check our website for updates!

Asia Pacific OHS Training Convention 2017

Terrie Norris poses with other speakers at this educational Convention in Singapore which focused on, “Upskilling OHS Trainers for Future Workplaces.” Terrie presented on, “Framework of Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM)” and was able to sit in on other valuable sessions about knowledge and the future of learning.

CAJPA 2017 Annual Conference

Most of the Bickmore participants got together to pose at the end of CAJPA’s 2017 Annual Conference. We sent 23 staff members and had a whopping 9 presenters speak during the conference! CAJPA (as always) provides a great opportunity for us to spend time with clients, receive relevant education in our field, and even share our expertise during sessions.

CAJPA 2017 Annual Conference

Bickies posing with Bicky! Our custom balloon bear provided a great photo opportunity in the exhibit hall. His arms even moved for those that wanted to give him a (gentle) hug. We had several requests from people who wanted to take him home, and eventually parted our ways so he could make a two year old boy very happy.

CAJPA 2017 Annual Conference

The one and only Greg Trout trying out to win a Bicky Bear at CAJPA’s 2017 Annual Conference. He ended up popping a few, but we had an extra bear for him anyways! Attendees loved playing our balloon dart board game in the exhibit hall. Several jokes were had that the risk management company encouraged throwing darts in a hall full of people! Rest assured, we had our safety team on deck to make sure everyone was cautious and followed the rules!

Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) Annual Conference

Check out Lisanne Sison, Mike Harrington, Nina Gau and Michael Kaddatz, CPCU, ARM exhibiting at PRIMA’s Annual Conference! They were getting ready for their presentations, they had quite the schedule for this event: Mike and Nina teamed up to present a panel on, “Protection from Financial Risk: Target Funding Approach.” Lisanne educated the audience with, “How ERM Enables Successful Execution of Strategy.” Michael moderated, “The State of the Affordable Care Act and Key Considerations for Employers.” He also moderated a session on Wednesday, June 7th, on “Contractual Risk Transfer – the Phoenix Effect.”

Susan G. Komen Sacramento Valley Race for the Cure

An impressive group of 70 of Bickmore staff, family, and friends joined together to “race for the cure,”  and rocked our custom green shirts to make sure our spirit stood out in the crowd! Proud to have shown our support; our team included everyone from babies to our own breast cancer fighters and survivors.

Sacramento State's 46th Annual College of Business Administration Awards Banquet

We had the opportunity to be a table sponsor at Sacramento State’s 46th Annual College of Business Administration Awards Banquet. It was great to meet students who were interested in pursuing the Risk Management Industry. We let them pick our brains, asked them some fun questions, and grabbed this picture while at the event.

Public Agency Risk Management Association (PARMA) Annual Conference

Bickmore had a pretty large presence at PARMA’s Annual Conference this year. Proud to be a Patron level sponsor, we also exhibited and had several speakers during the event.

Risk Control Team’s Tom Kline partnered with fitness expert Felicia Gomez to present, “Health and Wellness: Realistic Goals and Expectations.”

Senior Litigation Consultant, Joe Costamagna, also teamed up – he partnered with Todd Cusimano, Town Manager of Corte Madera, to present, “Police Best Practices: Cutting Costs Through Culture Change.”

Here is a fun picture of us on the Exhibit floor. If you look closely you can even see Bicky the Bear manning the booth with his coworkers!