Speaking Engagements

September 2nd – Terrie Norris will be presenting two sessions at the Asia Pacific OHS Training Convention 2017. She will be sharing her wisdom on Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM), as well as the OHS professional standards for a safe, healthy and productive work life.

September 12-15th Bickmore will have a large crew presenting at the California Association of Joint Power Authorities 2017 Fall Conference. If you are there, make sure you check out the following sessions:

Presenters Session
Joe Costamagna and Ric Burwell WOW Session: “The Cost of Bad Risk: Cooking up a Financial Storm You May Not Be Aware of Until It’s Too Late?”
Jackie Miller “Successful Integrated Disability Management with Main Ingredient – Reasonable Accommodation!”
Tom Kline and Craig Wheaton “Trust Experience – Officer Involved Shootings, Critical Incidents and Early Intervention Techniques to Control City Exposures.”
Jackie Miller “The Importance of Legislative Advocacy”
Jeff Johnston Technology Hot Topics: “Digitally Transform your Safety Culture”
Mike Harrington “Actuarial Assumptions and Results – Fact or Friction”
Rob Kramer What’s the Secret in the “Secret” Sauce?


September 27th – Tom Kline has been selected as a panelist at the California Fire Chief’s Association Annual Conference in Riverside, CA.