Post-Employment Benefits Actuarial

We provide post-employment benefit related actuarial services on behalf of more than 250 clients across the United States!

Specialists in GASB 43/45/75, and GASB 68

Bickmore’s Post Employment Benefits Actuarial group has focuses on providing retiree health and pension valuation services for public agencies. As specialists in this area, we understand the intricacies of these arrangements and can anticipate potential areas of problems or confusion.

GASB 43/45 (Transitioning to GASB 75)

  • Analysis is provided on both the funded and unfunded basis, quantifying the financial encouragement GASB provides for funding
  • Later-year reports provide gain and loss analysis – the best quantitative measurement of the performance of actuarial assumptions
  • All GASB 43/45 valuations are two-signature reports, reflecting a level of professional review and quality control a one-person firm cannot provide

GASB 68 Reporting

  • Reports produced by actuarial staff with experience providing OPEB and retirement plan services for public agencies
  • Required proportionate share exhibits calculated
  • Minimal data needed to prepare calculations

Bickmore professionals provide leadership and education to support and promote risk management.

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