Enterprise Risk Management

ERM Development, Strategy and Implementation

Bickmore provides a broad range of ERM support for the successful development and implementation of sustainable ERM programs. Our consulting services can be tailored to one or more of the following general stages of Enterprise Risk Management:

  • Program Strategy and Design
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Program Action Planning

Specifically we have demonstrated success helping our ERM clients in the following areas of engagement:

  • Objective setting support
  • Risk identification and evaluation support
  • ERM training services
  • ERM program peer review/gap analysis services
  • Risk measurement support
  • ERM system/tool evaluation
  • ERM maturity assessment

ERM for the Aviation Industry

Large risk exposures, complex operations, and an evolving regulatory environment demand a dynamic approach. Bickmore’s ERM services are designed to complement the aviation industry’s Safety Management System (SMS).

Safety Policy – Establish senior management’s commitment to continually improve safety; defines the methods, processes, and organizational structure needed to meet safety goals.

Safety Risk Management – Determine the need for, and adequacy of, new or revised controls based on the assessment of acceptable risk.

Safety Assurance – Evaluate the continued effectiveness of implemented risk control strategies; supports the identification of new hazards.

Safety Promotion – Includes training, communication and other actions to create a positive culture within all levels of the workforce.

Bickmore professionals provide leadership and education to support and promote risk management.

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