Mission de PARMA - with Bickmore!

Thanks to all who stopped by our booth at PARMA and participated in the Challenge Wall. It was interesting to see the wide variety of issues we all face, however there were several distinct themes.

We evaluated and categorized each response. Bickmore certainly can't claim to assist you will all of these challenges (though if anyone figures out how to add more hours in the day, please let us know), however we do offer some valuable services that can address much of your input.

Challenge Wall

17% Addressed Workers’ Compensation issues at their entity. Many of the issues focused on programs for injured workers and claims management difficulties.

How We Can Help:

  • Customized return-to-work programs: Meet the needs of both the employee and the organization. The goal is to get your employees back to work in a meaningful way so that all parties are satisfied with their experience.
  • Workers compensation claims oversight. We can work with Third Party Administrators to ensure compliance with reporting requirements, ensure benefits are provided to injured workers, and assist with settling cases fairly and expeditiously.

Workers’ Compensation Program Management

13% Noted many of their obstacles surrounded legal and contractual review. This is not surprising, we may be great at managing our cities, fire departments, schools, etc., but it takes a certain kind of person to be able to analyze contracts and insurance requirements.

Howe We Can Help:

  • Contractual Risk Transfer Manual: Addresses the contract review process and necessary inclusions.
  • E-newsletter, “Lit Lessons:” talks about real-life scenarios in an easy to read way.

Litigation Management

10% of you identified issues surrounding policies and procedures, keeping your Injury and Illness Plans up to date, and maintaining training for your employees. Our Risk Control Department provides virtual and in-person resources to assist with safety requirements.

How we can help:

  • Virtual Safety Manager Program: Track and manage employee training.
  • Rent-A-Safety Officer Program: Provides onsite safety professional and as/needed expertise without the overhead of a full time employee.
  • Risk Control Portal: Gives immediate access to sample programs and forms, streaming videos for quick and easy training, and access to consulting services.

Safety and Risk Control

Several of our knowledgeable staff members presented at PARMA. See a recap on their topics:

"Customizing Workplace Wellness Programs"

Tom Kline, ARM, CPSI – Manager, Risk Control Services

Tom joined Felicia Gomez of Pinnacle Training Systems/Wellness Solutions to deliver a presentation on, “”Customizing Workplace Wellness Programs.”


"The Challenge of Making Everything Old New Again"

Terrie Norris, CSP, ARM, CPSI – Manager, Risk Control Services

Terrie shared her expertise on, “The Challenge of Making Everything Old New Again”


Cost Allocation 101

Mike Harrington, FCAS, MAAA – President, Actuarial Consulting

Mike delivered an actuarial session on, “Cost Allocation 101.”