Risk Management Information Systems Consulting

2017-2018 RMIS Report

The 2017-2018 RMIS Report (a successor to the RMIS Review), dives into expanded risk management information system provider profiles, including a sophisticated glance beyond traditional RMIS capabilities and other client-facing technologies that a provider may offer.

We provide in-depth analysis and commentary on the providers and more comprehensive analysis of the marketplace and industry trends. In this edition, we have reviewed 21 separate systems and vendors.

You will be able to use this objective and factual look at the leading providers of RMIS to evaluate the growing number of system options that exist.


Business Insurance

Dave Tweedy was showcased in an article on Business Insurance featuring the findings from the 2017/18 RMIS Report. The article discusses some of the biggest surprises him and partner Pat O’Neil discovered when compiling the report, as well as breaks down the reasons these surprises occur. Read the full article for more information, The rise of the bundled systems.”

End-to-End Support for Risk Data Management

RMIS Analysis & Implementation: As a firm specializing in the review of Risk Information Systems, our team can work with you to create specifications and compare alternative providers.  We’ll support you from beginning to end to analyze your current system(s), evaluate alternative systems, and implement new systems and enhancements.

Our technical, functional, and qualitative analysis includes:

  • RMIS industry competitive analysis studies
  • RMIS and technology audits or reviews
  • RMIS needs assessment
  • System design, selection and implementation projects
  • Existing system integration and maximization studies
  • Data management problem projects

Prior Reports

2017 RMIS Report: Perspective – The Perspective’s goal is to provide current insights on the RMIS industry from leading bundled and unbundled vendors and the authors, and will serve as an introduction to the 2017-2018 report.

2016 RMIS Review
– see the 2016 edition of David Tweedy’s extensive annual report featuring a review of major RMIS providers, published by Advisen.